The Marrow Thieves

For my first novel study in grade nine humanities, I am going to read the book The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline. It is a book that I have chosen from a set of books all relating to issues on a global scale. The narrative is set in a dystopia where we have destroyed the world through global warming and where most of the population has lost the ability to dream. Only the indigenous people of North America still have this ability and lies hidden in their bone marrow. Because of this they are being hunted and harvested to try and recover this ability for those who have lost it.
Many different factors went into me choosing this book, and before this novel study I actually had no idea this book existed. But when we started the novel study it was highly recommended by our school’s librarian and upon reading the blurb on the back I knew I wanted to read it. I came to this decision because I thought the idea and topic behind the book were quite unique and something that I hadn’t really re…

Comparing Vincent from Gattaca and Matt from House of the Scorpion

In different worlds, different people are deemed inferior whether it be because of the colour of their skin the circumstances of their birth or even their genetics. Matt from House of the Scorpion and Vincent from Gattaca have one large thing in common and that is that they were both deemed inferior by their societies and the people around them. But they have many similarities beyond that and also many differences.

Matt and Vincent are also similar in that they overcome the circumstances that are holding them back and go from being inferior to being superior. Vincent does this by using the genes of someone else and Matt does this by taking the throne of the person he was cloned from. They are also both similar in their effects on others as people usually do not acknowledge their presence or are cruel to them. Another thing that is similar about them is their actions as their actions are always for a reason and always to try and accomplish a goal. For Vincent, this goal was to get into…

Real Life Farm Patrol

Border control is a real issue facing many countries in our world but in the world of the house of the scorpion, it was clearly a much bigger problem than in our world. You can tell it was a bigger problem in Matt's world because of the drastic measures that they took to protect their borders. But have any countries in our world taken measures similar to these and are they worth it?

In the world of the House of The Scorpion, illegal immigration is quite clearly such a big problem that the United States were willing to ally with drug lords to stop it. These drug lords also used very brutal ways to capture the illegal immigrants and to control them. The lawless land that is opium in the book is similar to the pretty much lawless land around the border. In the book, the farm patrol is allowed to shoot anyone who crosses the border this similar to how to how border patrol agents are allowed to shoot anyone doing things they deem as suspicious. Such as in a case of Sergio Hern├índez a c…

The Worldview elements that affect Matt

Most of the worldview elements in House of the Scorpion are very warped from our perspective and they also differ greatly from the worldview elements in our world. Most of these worldview elements affect Matt in different ways but some affect matt more greatly than others. These worldview elements are view of human nature and e with others.

View of human nature is the worldview element that affects Matt the most. This is because upon meeting him and finding out he is a clone, they immediately assume he is evil. People also assume he has bad intentions when doing different things that would be ok for other people to do. Like when he asks for a kiss from Maria for his birthday present. He even says that if Tom had asked for it would have seemed innocent or even cute but because he is a clone everyone thought it was bad.  People also assumed he had really bad intentions when furball was killed because people assumed he meant to kill furball or even assumed he was just plain stupid and ga…

What does it mean to be a caregiver/mother/father?

What does it mean to be a caregiver/mother/father? To be a caregiver means to care for someone other than yourself it means to be responsible for not only yourself but another person. To some people this means a lot but to some people it means nothing to others. Many people in House of the Scorpion don’t seem to care about this responsibility and seem to think of it as more of a hindrance.
Some of the worst caregivers in House of the Scorpion are El Patron and Mr Macgregor. They aren’t good caregivers because El Patron abandoned most of his family in Mexico leaving them to die and Mr Macgregor doesn't acknowledge Toms existence even though he is his son. Felicia is also an extremely bad caregiver, even though she does care about Tom, because she is always drunk and left her family for another person. There are also people who completely contrast these bad caregivers like Celia and at times Senator Mendoza. Celia clearly loves Matt because she finds time to do stuff for him even thou…

House of the Scorpion My thoughts on the first 100 pages

So far the House of the Scorpion has been really engaging and has had some very thought provoking subjects throughout the novel. Some of the things in the novel that really made me think are their hatred toward clones and how people in their world do not seem to have a very strong sense of morality. I found it really interesting how much people in Matt’s world hate clone and I find it more interesting because we have no idea why they hate clones thus far into the book. It is also amazing how strong that prejudice against clones really is for instance in chapter three when they are helping him at first but when they find out he's a clone they turn against him and throw him outside even though he's hurt. It's also amazing how contrasting people's views of Matt really are like how Celia's view of Matt is different to Tom's view or even Maria's view of Matt. Celia is really an extraordinary person because she loves Matt unconditionally even though she was likel…

The Scorpion Project

I will be reading through the novel the house of the scorpion by Nancy Farmer with my class and for the time being my blog will be centered around it. I hope you will still enjoy reading my blog post even if they are centered around this book. I am personally very nervous about that I may not enjoy the book because and I can’t read it all on my own timeline and because the subject it may not engage me. Although I am excited to read a different type of book and from what I have read so far it seems to be interesting. I believe the projects we are doing in our class around this book could be very interesting and entertaining. I hope you will continue you to read my blog even after this change and hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.

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